How Important is Communication to Your Success as a Leader?

Overwhelmingly, my coaching clients and the participants at our training events point to their ability to effectively communicate as being extremely important to their professional success.

Effective communication allows leaders to inspire and challenge team members with an organization’s vision, articulate employee expectations, appreciate a team member’s performance, hold an under-performing employee accountable, and countless other examples related to the significance of effective communication.

If you would like a better understanding of common communication challenges and how to address them, I highly recommend Michael Hyatt’s book No-Fail Communication: 13 Workplace Communication Problems-and How to Fix Them.

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The book examines common workplace communication challenges in a straight-forward, easy to follow manner with practical steps for application.

One of my favorite takeaways from chapter one is what Michael Hyatt calls the “Clarity Grid”. This grid reflects four possibilities for communication in the workplace.

  • Quadrant 1 combines unexpressed and vague communication. This results in no communication with the impact being that stakeholders feel ignorant of the intent of the communication.
  • Quadrant 2 combines expressed and vague communication. This results in garbled communication with the impact being that stakeholders are confused.
  • Quadrant 3 combines unexpressed and specific communication. This results in implied communication with the impact being that stakeholders are frustrated.
  • Quadrant 4 combines expressed and specific communication. This produces clear communication with the impact being that stakeholders have an understanding of the intent of the communication.

Communication, for many of us, is a great opportunity to continue to improve our skillset and strengthen our leadership.

What changes in your communication would place you in Quadrant 4 more often?

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