Leadership Nugget: Emotional Intelligence and the Value of Motivation


Chuck will continue to share insights from the teaching framework of best-selling author Daniel Goleman (“EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE”). 

Chuck defines Motivation as “the drive to achieve”

Two basic types of Motivation:

  1. Intrinsic Motivation – the internal drive to achieve
  2. Extrinsic Motivation – motivation rooted in earning positive rewards or avoiding negative consequences

Some Benefits of Motivation

  • Strong levels of energy
  • Higher personal expectations
  • Greater level of productivity
  • Enhanced standing as a leader
  • Ability to recover more quickly from setbacks

Fact:  Most leaders experience a lessening in their Motivation levels occasionally.

What Are Some Causes of a Drop in Motivation?

  • Life issues
  • Health factors
  • Lack of challenge in your current professional role

If you are experiencing a strong lack of motivation, Chuck offers 4 questions for personal reflection

  1. Is this a short-term or long-term situation?
  2. Can I point to a specific cause(s) behind my loss in motivation?
  3. Is this cause likely to change at some point or how can I change it myself?
  4. Can I enlist some support during this season?
    • A trusted colleague
    • A professional counselor
    • An experienced coach

“If there is one trait that virtually all effective leaders have, it is motivation – a variety of self-management whereby we mobilize our positive emotions to drive us toward our goals.”  – Daniel Goleman

Next Week’s EI Episode: Empathy

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