The Art of Leadership

It happened centuries ago, but the world still talks about it with admiration and wonder.  What do you get when you mix a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds into a global leadership training course? The trainees included several commercial fishermen, a physician, a scholar, a tax auditor, and even a couple that sewed tents professionally.  No doubt this team had a broad range of personalities and leadership styles.  Yet, this is the assortment of people that Jesus Christ equipped to lead the New Testament church after His resurrection and ascension.   He was able to mold these different temperaments into perhaps the most effective team of leaders in history.  

How do the best leaders respect the unique characteristics of the people they lead while still helping them work effectively as a team?  In this episode, Chuck gives a brief overview of the Art of Leadership.  In future episodes, he will unpack this concept in greater detail. 

Let’s review the elements of the Science of Leadership

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Talent Management
  • Future Talent Management
  • Culture

The main idea to remember about the Art of Leadership: People have unique skills and talent combinations.  These characteristics impact how each person leads.

Example: Some leaders are more Directive while some leaders are more Collaborative. Both personality styles can be effective in leading others.

Just as there is more than one form of art, there is more than one style of leader.  

  • The Art of Leadership:  The way you go about leading your team.
  • The Science of Leadership:  The best practices you leverage in leading your team. 

This is just a brief overview of this important Leadership topic. In future episodes Chuck will drill deeper into the elements that compose the Science of Leadership as well as the nuances of the Art of Leadership.  

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