Critical Components of Execution

The late Peter Drucker wrote, “Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.”

How do the best leaders equip their team to execute after Strategy has been determined?  In this third episode of Chuck’s series on the Science of Leadership, we will discuss some criteria that outstanding leaders and leadership trainers practice and recommend.


We have discussed Vision and Strategy. Now it’s time to talk about the factors that leadership experts agree are critical to team Execution. 

  • Strategy = “What”
  • Execution = “How”

As leaders we work for Execution that is both Effective and Efficient.

  • Effectiveness: Selecting the best methods, processes and practices
  • Efficiency: Executing in the most productive manner possible. We want to maximize capabilities and minimize waste. 
  1. Focus is Paramount.

Why?  Distractions minimize and reduce your team’s effectiveness.

Focus must be held by both the leaders and each member of your team. 

  1. Measure What Matters.

Determine the key elements of your execution process and then track them. 

Remember: Quality data improves decisions. 

“A goal that is not measurable is just wishful thinking.”  – Jack Canfield, best-selling author and speaker

  1. Make Visible What Is Essential.

High performance teams prefer the metrics to be visible. 

“Every sport has its scoreboard, scorecards, and team stats—and so must every business. – Authors Rich Armstrong & Steve Baker, “GET IN THE GAME”

  1. Coach!

  • Provide Direction.
  • Provide Encouragement – for high-level performance and high-level
  • Provide Correction – coach for improved individual performance.
  • Provide Accountability.


Next Episode:  Talent Management

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