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Leadership Nugget: How The Best Leaders Increase Employee Engagement

Jim Harter, Ph.D., is Chief Scientist, Workplace, for Gallup’s workplace management practice.  In his February, 2020 article entitled, “4 Factors Driving Record-High Employee Engagement in U.S.”, Harter wrote: “Gallup has completed nine meta-analyses of the relationship between team engagement and performance over the past two decades. The most recent study included more than 82,000 teams in 230 organizations

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Leadership Nugget: Talent or Culture – Which is More Important?

What has a greater impact on the success of your team – talent or culture? Team Defined: A group of people working together (typically interdependently) for a common goal/outcome. Culture Defined: The manner in which a team goes about it’s work. Includes the team’s environment, ethos, values, processes, procedures, physical spaces, formality, acceptable teammate and

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Leadership Nugget: Leadership Credibility

HOW DO THE BEST LEADERS ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY WITH THE TEAMS THEY LEAD? Demonstrated Ability – The leader has shown that they can do the job they have been entrusted to do for the organization. Trust – There is a belief that the leader is going to do what is best for the organization, the company,

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Leadership Nugget: How to Master the Skills Necessary for Leading Up

Why do some people seem to earn a greater level of influence with their boss?   3 Tips to Help You Earn the Respect of Your Boss and Increase Your Influence   Perform your current job with a high degree of excellence and minimal oversight.   Look for opportunities to build a healthy, appropriate professional

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Leadership Nugget: How the Best Leaders Utilize Feedback to Build Strong Teams

How effective are you at providing feedback that strengthens your team and your organization? Remember: Your team members want to know how they are doing. Three Types of Feedback Recognition • Appreciation for a good deed or excellence in duties. Evaluation • Data supported – KPIs, “report card” format, etc.• Interpreted – how to improve

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Leadership Nugget: How Important is Communication to Your Success as a Leader?

Overwhelmingly, my coaching clients and the participants at our training events point to their ability to effectively communicate as being extremely important to their professional success. Effective communication allows leaders to inspire and challenge team members with an organization’s vision, articulate employee expectations, appreciate a team member’s performance, hold an under-performing employee accountable, and countless

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Leadership Nugget: How Organizational Culture Impacts Your Organization

Supplemental Notes from “How Organizational Culture Impacts Your Organization” video Organization Culture includes          The physical environment of your Business          The manner in which your work is carried out: Systems, processes, etc. Recruiting tip:  State your cultural values clearly so you attract people who are the best fit for your team. Two Questions and

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